Chael, we used these two images together in promo materials for the show. I could give you a copy of the poster, but I think the text would be too small to read.



above, documentation of Annie Sprinkle and Elizabeth Stephens’ cycle of 15 weddings in 7 years.

above, photographs by Michael Johnstone, costumes by Mrs. Vera

above right, Daniel Goldstein, one of Visual Aid’s founders on right and his husband Jason Lahman on left at Saints and Sinners opening reception

Annie and Elizabeth on left,  Michael Johnstone in striped shirt and David in red shirt in photo on the right – from at Saints and Sinners opening reception

Saints and Sinners show –I like the photo on the right but perhaps too spare for your use.

A few of these photos are poor quality. I think I can get better files for you, if needed.