Frequently Asked Questions

What is Visual Aid?

Visual Aid is a nonprofit organization founded in 1989 by a group of San Francisco artists, collectors, and art dealers to help preserve, present, and promote the work of Bay Area professional artists from diverse backgrounds living with life-threatening illnesses.

Who benefits from Visual Aid's services?

Our programs were created for professional visual artists residing in the nine-county Bay Area, living with HIV/AIDS, Breast Cancer, and other life-threatening illnesses. These artists are confronted with the difficult decision of choosing between maintaining their health or art careers. Illness often results in a loss of income and a magnification of the everyday fears that an artist, typically self-employed, has about his/her survival.

Why are services for artists with a life-threatening illness important?

The loss of income that typically accompanies an illness makes it difficult for an artist to continue making their art, and illness often forces an artist into isolation. Through our direct services, Visual Aid encourages artists to remain active participants in the creative process in spite of their illness.

How do you apply for Visual Aid's services?

Visit the €œHow to Apply € page for details and an application form. You are also welcome to contact the Visual Aid office for an application packet. Submit your application and other documentation to the Visual Aid office. You are encouraged to contact the Visual Aid staff with any questions you may have about the application process.

What are Visual Aid's programs?

A Voucher Program and ArtBank for free art supplies, an active Exhibition Program, Career Services, Image Archives, Lecture and Workshop series, and an Educational Outreach Program and community. Visit the “Programs/Services” page for details.

Where can I find the credits for the images that went into the Visual Aid website?

Seek no further, click here~



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